Higher diploma in Visual Arts and Design for Printing

The Advanced Vocational Training Module in Graphic Design for Printing offers both creative and technical tools to address graphic design and communication projects on printed media.

It will involve working on Design and Visual Communication projects in the fields of creativity, publishing, graphic identity and computer graphics.

The focus will be on creating clear concepts, mastering the use of typeface design and employing various material and printed-reproduction resources to create communication pieces that are both singular and functional.

Students will learn how to design, organise and carry out the different phases of a graphic project, its conceptualisation, subsequent tracking and quality control in the graphics industry in order to obtain a product that delivers on the initial communication objectives.

Career opportunities

  • Graphic designers work either freelance or in companies or studios related to graphic design, graphic arts, the press and publishing design, advertising, the design and creation of teaching materials and signage, among others.
  • Design of graphic products for reproduction.
  • Creation of visual images for products or services in different communication channels.
  • Organisation of publishing productions.
  • Production supervision in pre-printing processes.
  • Graphic image design of products, teaching materials, corporate images, etc.
  • Artistic/technical consulting and training.

Work placement

On-the-job training can be carried out at the same time as the modules, or intensively at the end of the year, or during the final project. The work placement phase must preferably be done during second year.

Work placement objectives

  • To guide students in developing a clearer idea about their own abilities and interests.
  • To facilitate transition into work and train qualified professionals for the workplace.
  • The following are specific objectives regarding artistic and vocational qualification:
    • Significant learning of contemporary practices and technologies in a real corporate or institutional work environment.

Structure and Content of the Two Academic Years

Content of modulesECTS
Graphic Design Basis 6
Visual expression and representation basis 6
Training and Careers Guidance 3
Photography 6
Graphic Image History 6
Créditos de libre disposición (Soporte P.I.) 6
ICT Resources 6
Industrial Graphics Production 8
Final Project 10
Graphic Design for Printing Projects 27
Graphic Design Expression Techniques 9
Image Theory 3
Typography 12
Enterprises’ Training 12

Higher Diploma in Visual Arts and Graphic Design for Printing.

Audio-visual and graphic communication.

Advanced Vocational Training in Visual Arts and Design.

2,000 class hours. Two years. 120 ECTS.

Access to higher university courses
Direct access to university courses pursuant to attachment 3 of Decree 113/2001 of 2 May for holders of the higher diploma in visual arts and design shall be provided in accordance with the selection procedures for acceptance into university for students who meet the legal requirements needed to obtain a university place.


Subject Summary