Postgraduate in Contemporary Applied Arts

The Postgraduate in Contemporary Applied Arts offered by Escola Massana and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona offers a training that goes beyond the disciplinary approaches in the field of Applied Arts. Thus, it is oriented to students and professionals linked to the fields of crafts, design and arts in general, and may be of interest for graduates in Fine Arts, Architecture, Design or Humanities, for graduates of vocational training in art and design schools, as well as for active professionals without a university degree.

The training itinerary is eminently practical. Its centre of gravity lies in the activities that are developed in the workshops which every student can choose: Textile Art, Jewellery and Fire Arts (Ceramics and Glass). The Postgraduate Program provides a space and a time for growth and maturation in skills and mastery of techniques and materials, while offering a shared place for reflection on the contemporary role of applied arts and their role in today’s world, from a transdisciplinary approach and in the common territory of arts and design.

About professional development, the Postgraduate Program promotes the realization of personal projects with a high degree of social, ecological and creative involvement, optimizing the resources offered by the arts and design practices. Its interdisciplinary approach promotes, in turn, the ability of new artisans to work in multiprofessional teams linked to fields such as architecture, product design, visual arts, fashion, audiovisual, performing arts and others perhaps still to emerge. Our goal is generating opportunities that lead to a creative professional career.