Postgraduate in Contemporary Applied Arts

The Postgraduate Degree in Contemporary Applied Arts offered by Escola Massana and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) fosters student training that explores new territories and frontiers in Applied Arts. Our training itinerary is eminently hands-on –practice: its center of gravity lies in the different projects and tasks carried out in our various specialty workshops, particularly: Textile Art, Artistic Jewelry, and Fire Arts (Ceramics and Glass).

Our Postgraduate Degree provides the environment and the time needed to encourage growth and advancement of skills and mastery of techniques as well as an exploration of  materials. Simultaneously, our program outlines a shared territory aimed at reflecting on the contemporary function of the applied arts and their role in our modern societies. We unfold our program with an interdisciplinary perspective, moving through the shared territory of arts and design. 

Students and professionals linked to the fields of craft, design, and the arts in general, as well as graduates in Fine Arts, Architecture, Design, Communication, and Humanities are welcome to register. 

Concerning the professional development of students, the Postgraduate in Contemporary Applied Arts promotes the realization of personal outcomes that involve social, ecological, and creative projects, optimizing the resources offered by arts and design practices. Its interdisciplinary approach allows new artisans to work in multidisciplinary teams linked to varied territories such as architecture, product design, visual arts, fashion, audiovisual and performing arts, and others perhaps yet to appear.

If you are eager to deepen the expression of your personal creation, generating opportunities that lead to a  stimulating career path, we are sure our program meets your needs.