Incoming student exchanges

Students interested in undertaking a period of study at our school should be enrolled in an Institution with whom Escola Massana has signed a bilateral agreement (IIA). The agreements specify the number of students, the length of the exchange and the departments involved
in the project.

Escola Massana has agreements with other Higher Education Institutions in Erasmus+ Programme and under its Erasmus code E BARCELO59. Escola Massana also has agreements with other international institutions not belonging to the European Programmes; processes and regulations for these mobilities are the same as the ones for the Erasmus+.

Depending on Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) signed between Escola Massana and students’ home Institutions, applicants who wish to do exchange mobility at Escola Massana should be aware and have the necessary information about the different Higher Education study plans: Degree in Arts and Design (EQF level  6), and Short Cycles (EQF Level 5). Please check in Partner School list which is the study plan approved by the Institutions, and choose as indicated in application form.

If your home School is in the E BARCELO02 list of Partners Schools, you must contact us, so your mobility must be approved by Escola Massana, but it must be registered in Autonomous University files too. 



Partner Institutions must nominate their students before 20 th April. Please indicate Name, Surname, email address and current studies at the home Institution of the applicant sending an email to



Escola Massana has only a deadline for all applicants. Documents required must be sent by applicants before 1 st May. This date is the deadline for all applicants (first semester-second semester-full  year).


Documents required to apply:

(Sent by mail to BEFORE 1 st  MAY)


Application form

  • One photograph
  • Copy of proof of identity (identity card, passport, valid residence permit)
  • A letter of motivation with relevant information
  • Transcript of records of previous years completed at your home institution.
  • Proof of Spanish language level (minimum required B1 level)
  • Portfolio or book (PDF file) with referenced pictures of the student’s work (15 MB max)


Academic calendar:

  • First semester: from September to February
  • Second semester: from February to June


Grading System:

Grade ECTS Grade Meaning
10.0 Matrícula de Honor A+ Excellent (distinction with honors)
9 – 10 Sobresaliente A Excellent (distinction)
7 – 8.9 Notable B Outstanding
5 – 6.9 Aprobado C Pass
0 – 4.9 Suspenso F Fail
NP No presentado Non-assessable: When a student cannot provide enough evidence of having followed the class adequately to receive a global grade, s/he will get a non-assessable grade in his/her report


Language of Instruction:

Classes are taught either in Catalan or Spanish. The usage of either language depends on the teacher who gives the course. There are not classes taught in English.

If foreigners wish to study as official students, they must therefore consult all the relevant information in the Educational Program section and in Academic Management of this website: conditions, requirements, enrolment deadlines and appropriate syllabus.