Incoming student exchanges

Students interested in undertaking a period of study at our school should be enrolled in a Institution with whom Escola Massana has signed a bilateral agreement. The agreements specify the number of students, the length of the exchange and the departments involved in the project.

Escola Massana has agreements with Schools and Universities primarily in the scope of the LLP/ERASMUS, Lifelong Learning Erasmus Programme. Escola Massana also has agreements with other international institutions not belonging to the European Programmes, processes and regulations for these exchanges are the same as the ones for the LLP/Erasmus.

Depending on study plan, institution and country of origin, students who wish to do exchange mobility at Escola Massana should be aware and have the necessary information about the different school study plans: Degree in Arts and Design, and Short Cycles (Advanced Vocational Training).

Students in these two categories are subject to different requirements and conditions, which are set out in the relevant guides and application forms, in order to apply for the mobility.

If foreigners wish to study as official students, they must therefore consult all the relevant information in the Educational Program section and in Academic Management of this website: conditions, requirements, enrolment deadlines and appropriate syllabus.