Partner schools

E BARCELO59 HE studies: Erasmus Programme

CFGS: Short Cycles
GAAD: Degree in Arts and Design

Please check if your Home Institution is in the list, and which study plan you are allowed to apply.


  • CFGS + GAAD Luca School of the Arts
  • CFGS + GAAD École Supérieure des Arts Saint Luc, Bruxelles
  • CFGS + GAAD Hogeschool Gent, School of Arts - KASK, Gent


  • CFGS + GAAD Technical University of Liberec - Faculty of Textile Engineering, Liberec 


  • CFGS + GAAD  Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallin


  • LAB University of Applied Sciences, Lahti /Lappeenranta 


  • CFGS + GAAD  Université Bordeaux Montaigne, Bordeaux
  • CFGS + GAAD  École Supérieure d’Art et Design ESAD /Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), Grenoble / Valence
  • CFGS + GAAD  SEPR Lycée des Métiers d’Art, Lyon
  • GAAD Université de Nîmes, Nîmes
  • CFGS + GAAD  École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD), Paris
  • CFGS École Boulle / École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués, d’Architecture Intérieure et de Design, Paris
  • CFGS École Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Reims, Reims
  • CFGS École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués et du Textile Roubaix, Roubaix
  • CFGS + GAAD Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne
  • GAAD Université de Toulouse-Jean Jaurès, Toulouse
  • CFGS Institut Supérieur des Arts de Toulouse (isdat), Toulouse


  • GAAD UDK Berlin, Berlín 
  • CFGS + GAAD Fachhochschule Düsseldorf. University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf
  • CFGS + GAAD Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen
  • CFGS + GAAD  Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg
  • CFGS + GAAD HAWK Hochschule(Hildesheim/Holzminden/Goettingen). University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hildesheim
  • CFGS + GAAD Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel
  • CFGS + GAAD OTH Hochschule Regensburg. University of Applied Sciences, Regensburg
  • CFGS + GAAD  Hoschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, Saarbrücken


  • GAAD Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest


  • CFGS + GAAD Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Bolonia
  • CFGS + GAAD Accademia Belle Arti Carrara, Carrara
  • CFGS + GAAD Accademia Belle Arti Macerata, Macerata
  • CFGS + GAAD Accademia di Belle Arti Brera, Milan
  • CFGS Accademia di Belle Arti di Ravenna, Ravenna
  • CFGS + GAAD  Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Roma
  • CFGS + GAAD ISIA Urbino, Urbino
  • CFGS + GAAD LABA - Libera Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Florència


  • CFGS + GAAD Latvijas Mäkslas Akademija, Riga


  • CFGS + GAAD Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius


  • CFGS + GAAD University of Bergen-Kunsthogskolen i Bergen, Bergen
  • GAAD KHiO Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo


  • CFGS + GAAD ESAD Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Senhora da Hora
  • GAAD Politecnico de Leiria - Escola Superior de Artes e Design (ESAD.CR), Caldas da Rainha
  • CFGS + GAAD AR.CO Centro de Arte e Comunicaçao Visual, Portugal


  • CFGS + GAAD University of Gothenburg. HDK-Valand-Academy of Art and Design, Gothenburg


  • CFGS + GAAD Haute école d’art et de design - Genève (HEAD), Ginebra
  • GAAD ZHDK Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich


  • GAAD Avans University of Applied Sciences / AKV St. Joost, Breda
  • CFGS + GAAD ARTEZ University of the Arts/ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arhem/ Enschede/Zwolle
  • GAAD Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. Academie Minerva, Groningen
  • GAAD WDKA Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam


  • CFGS + GAAD Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Birmingham
  • CFGS + GAAD Arts University of Plymouth, Plymouth


If you are enrolled in an Institution from this list, you must apply only for Degree in Arts and Design studies, and you must be inscribed in Autonomous University files. Please consult about processes.

  • GAAD Politecnico di Milano, Milan. Italy
  • GAAD Instituto Superior de Comunicación Visual, Rosario. Argentina
  • GAAD Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne Australia
  • GAAD McGill University. Faculty of Arts, Montreal Canada
  • GAAD Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), Monterrey México