Higher diploma in Visual Arts and Design for Interior Design Project Management

  • To create original and innovative interior design projects, with knowledge of materials and onsite execution.
  • To gain knowledge in the conceptual, creative, technical, financial and functional fields that all interior design projects involve.
  • To become involved with the design industry by creating projects for all types of commercial premises, designing open-plan apartments, fashion shows, furniture, exhibitions and product presentations, property renovations, etc.
  • See the course dynamics in the Facebook group “Massana-Disseny d’Interiors”.

Options for accessing the field

  • Integration in multidisciplinary teams in studios with experts from other fields such as architects, engineers, real estate agents and other interior designers.
  • Create your own interior design studio that provides a cross-cutting service to future clients, from the project phase through to work execution.

Career opportunities

  • Design of all types of interior spaces: businesses, homes, facilities, etc.
  • Design of exhibition spaces.
  • Design of pop-up spaces (art installations, exhibitions, etc.)
  • Working as a member of a multidisciplinary team (architects, designers, engineers, etc.)
  • Graphic design applied to interior design.
  • Project management.
  • Works management.
  • Creation of a commercial space related to the design industry.
  • Teaching.
  • Customised consulting on interior design.

Work placement objectives

To facilitate transition into work and train qualified professionals for the workplace.

To identify and provide a detailed analysis of skills and career expectations.

To consolidate the skills learnt through on-the-job experience by building on the knowledge learnt through workplace and vocational experience.

To provide practical training in accordance with agreements between the Catalan Ministry of Education, the educational establishment and the business or organisation.

The professional placement tutor coordinates and prepares the IT and vocational guidance resources, as well as supervising each student in their on-the-job training.

Final Project

The final project is of a global nature and includes all the different areas of academic and technical knowledge covered in the course. It is designed to showcase the students’ achievements and proficiency regarding the knowledge, processes, techniques and skills required to work in the field and to further their careers within the specialty and demonstrate the level attained.

The objectives are:

  • Use and mastery of the theoretical and practical skills needed for project development.
  • Planning and structuring of the work process.
  • Presentation and defence of the project before an assessment committee.

Structure and Content of the Two Academic Years

Content of ModulesModule hours
History of Architecture and its Environment 60
History of Interior Design 60
Artistic Drawing 90
Technical Drawing 150
Volumetric Expression 120
Digital and Audiovisual Resources 120
Projects 270
Programming of Works 90
Projects: Carrying out and Managing Projects 390
Technology and Constructive Systems 120
Technology and Constructive Systems: Carrying out and Managing Projects 270
Training and Professional Orientation 60
Training in Centres of Work 60
Final Project 90
Total hours per course1950

Higher Diploma in Visual Arts and Design for Interior Design Project Management.

Interior design.

Advanced Vocational Training in Visual Arts and Design.

1,950 hours. Two years plus a final project (modules taught in the school: 1,800 hours. Vocational training phase in the form of on-the-job training in companies, studios or workshops, 60 hours. Final project, 90 hours).

Access to higher university courses
Direct access to university courses pursuant to attachment 3 of Decree 113/2001 of 2 May for holders of the higher diploma in visual arts and design shall be provided in accordance with the selection procedures for acceptance into university for students who meet the legal requirements needed to obtain a university place.


Subject Summary